We were a group of coaches talking about leadership at a retreat this summer and as we were talking about “what defines good leadership”. We were listing the attributes of a good leader and I couldn’t help but think to myself…hmmm – sounds like parenting to me!

Leadership has changed over the years and will continue to evolve as many try to “crack the code” of good leadership. I believe that over the years, people have been looking for a more humane approach to leadership. I know that personally, I’ve always been looking for a leader/manager that will inspire me, that won’t give me the answers but will encourage me to try, succeed, fail and learn. Someone that will give me the opportunity to grow my strengths and will foster an environment where speaking my mind, being vulnerable and true is valued so that I could do my best work.

As I look back on that list, I can’t help but to make the bridge between good leadership and good parenting. Isn’t that what parents are meant to do for their kids? Inspire, motivate, be their champion, make them feel safe, valued, respected?

Could being a powerful leader be that simple?