One of the reasons coaching has such an incredible impact on performance is because it is a 100% confidential environment. This means that people can speak to their coaches about any topic, without any filters, and explore new ideas safely. For many new clients, being in a coaching environment requires a big shift in thinking.

You will be supported, not judged

Coaching exists to move you forward and accelerate you by helping you find new ways and new opportunities to be successful.  The point of coaching is to discuss the things you haven’t figured out. The places you get stuck. The areas where you don’t have answers.

Typically, our clients are already in successful careers, and are top performers or executives within their companies. As coaches, we already know you are smart and capable. That’s a given.

That said, everyone has challenges  – things that they are struggling with, places where they’re stuck, or goals that they can’t seem to achieve. Coaching sessions are the perfect settings to explore these issues for several reasons:

  • The coach’s only agenda is to support you and help you be successful
  • Coaches can’t (and won’t) discuss your sessions with your colleagues or employer
  • Nobody will question your competence in a coaching session

You don’t need to impress your coach

The clients who gain the most value during coaching sessions are the ones that share what they are struggling with, as opposed to trying to convince their coach that they have everything under control. We won’t judge you for failing or for struggling or for not knowing the answer.

Discussing how things are going well for you is a very limited use of a coaching session, and in the end we won’t be able to tell you anything you don’t know yourself! Instead, focusing on your problems will yield solutions you can turn into results.

Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas

When clients embrace the confidentiality of their coaching environment, they begin to be open about their issues and to trying new things. Coaches can challenge them with new perspectives and ways of dealing with their challenges.

It is natural to feel uncomfortable when you are trying something new. Many clients struggle at first when presented with an unfamiliar concept or strategy, but gain value as they begin to apply new approaches in their workplace that have a positive impact and help them reach their goals.


Client Example #1: A sales leader who was working on having more influence and leadership visibility

This client embraced being vulnerable and open. He put real issues on the table that he hadn’t acknowledged or discussed before.  He was unfiltered and trusted the safety of the coaching sessions.  He shared how he really felt about things, rather than giving a safe and professional answer. This allowed us to uncover the real drivers and real issues.  From there, we created an action plan for his leadership that was profoundly different from anything he had tried before.

Client Example #2: A middle level marketing manager who was working to have more influence and impact with peers and senior leaders

This client  was willing to focus on where she wasn’t succeeding, and also on how she thought she behaved, how it didn’t work, and how it made her feel. She was willing to “go deep” to uncover some limiting beliefs that were entirely responsible for her lack of success. With that new awareness, she was able to overcome her challenge and began to have more influence at her workplace.

Coaching is a very powerful tool, if used wisely

Organizations of any size looking to take talent development to the next level can benefit from coaching. Professional coaching services supports growth and retention among your employees while preparing your organization with the next generation of leaders. It is a proven way to accelerate business results by making your people more effective.