Since 2001, we’ve coached leaders in organizations at the forefront of the digital revolution, such as Microsoft and HP. Over this time, we’ve seen how the threat of disruption and the need to innovate have driven new ways of doing business.

As organizations explore new workplace norms, one of the more popular buzzwords we’ve seen in use is the term “coaching culture”. Studies and articles have discussed how companies with “coaching cultures” innovate faster, work more efficiently, and post better numbers than companies without coaching cultures.

But what is a coaching culture? What are the benefits of having a coaching culture? How difficult is it to implement across an organization?

Coaching cultures emphasize feedback and openness. These two things, by their very nature, draw people closer together and improve the quality of workplace relationships. This creates opportunities for powerful conversations that drive people forward to achieve great results.

Over the past couple of years, we have had a lot of leaders ask us about coaching cultures, and how they can implement one in their organization. This guide is written for leaders who are looking to understand and harness the power of coaching cultures in their teams and organizations.

“How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization” will:

  • Explain what coaching is and how it works
  • Show how a coaching culture is different and unique
  • Define the benefits of a coaching culture
  • Explain how to implement a coaching culture

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