The challenges that most organizations have with attracting, retaining, and developing top talent can’t be addressed by training alone. Because of this, more and more organizations are implementing coaching programs in order to help employees reach their full potential and realize stronger business results.

Throughout our 15 years of coaching organizations of all sizes, we believe that there are a few common signs that organizations need to implement a coaching program:

Your senior leaders will move on within the next 2-3 years and you will need your next level of leaders ready to fill their shoes.

Over the next decade, an unprecedented number of senior leaders will be retiring and leaving the workforce. Although your next generation of leaders are often very competent in the functional areas of their roles, they often need to groom new  skills and behaviours in order to be successful in the next level of leadership.

In this case, coaching programs can…

  • Help your future leaders identify the skills and experiences they will need within the next 2-3 years to be successful
  • Create a development plan
  • Work with a coach to build their skills and behaviours in their key development areas using both session time to gain insight and out of session time to practice and hone new skills and behaviours

You have new leaders in critical roles and you want a way to accelerate their success

There’s a big difference between being good at a job (marketer, engineer, lawyer, accountant, etc.) and being an effective leader in that field. Employees new to critical management roles are often overwhelmed to get up to speed, lead their teams and make an impact quickly.

In these situations, coaching programs can…

  • Support leaders to stay focused on priorities
  • Implement strategies to build and grow their teams
  • Leverage their strengths and establish their credibility as a leader
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to their success
  • Work through strategies to foster collaboration and partnership with others
  • Support leaders to work out barriers or limitations
  • Help new leaders establish their leadership with their team and find solutions to issues more quickly to get results

You have high-potential employees that you want to retain

Coaching has been proven to increase job satisfaction, foster better workplace relationships between employees, increase employee confidence, and improve work-life balance. Your high potential employees are key to your organization’s success and you want to support their growth and development.   Coaching is an excellent way to grow and retain your top talent while driving performance.

Coaching will support your top talent by…

  • Giving employees a growth and development opportunity, which is especially important for retaining millennials and top talent
  • Helping employees to build a career plan within YOUR organization which increases their investment and engagement in your organization
  • Get employees thinking about where they want to be and working on the skills they’ll need to advance in your organization and support the long-term success of your organization

Coaching drives ROI by creating better leaders

Unlike skills-focused training programs which seek to make people better at a specific aspect of their job, coaching focuses on dramatically improving leadership performance, confidence, communication skills, and collaborative ability that positively drives stronger business performance.