I once heard a very seasoned CEO comment about the fact that when he achieved his first CEO position two very strange things happened. Suddenly, he was never wrong, and his jokes got funnier! We’ve all heard the statement “it’s lonely at the top”, and for some executives this is their reality. Who do they share their passions with? Who do they share their frustrations with? Who do they share their fears with? Who do they share their dreams with? When you are in a leadership position people look to you for vision, inspiration, direction, reassurance…so where do you look to for all those same things? Who do you connect with to draw energy, inspiration and support? What value is in this connection?

Reaching Out For Perspective

I had the amazing opportunity to reconnect with a colleague of mine, Katie, who is a coach/facilitator extraordinaire! We collaborated on and co-facilitated two teambuilding sessions for a large corporate client. At the end of the day, as we rode the train back home, we were still reveling in the excitement and energy that was conjured up during the day.

This energy not only came from the teams that we had engaged with, but also from the shared passion we both have for the kind of work we do and the kind of impact we want to have in the world. The brilliance and richness of connecting in such an honest and authentic way around a shared vision and purpose gave us the energy and commitment we needed to show up fully for our client…and to continue dreaming up opportunities to get more of this in the future. This “blissed out” (Katie’s expression) experience renewed my commitment to seek out and maintain connection with the right people, the people with whom I can truly show up as myself…warts and all!

As a leader it is so important to have people to connect with in an honest and authentic way. People who you can share your dreams with, your fears with, your frustrations with…it is through understanding the value of connection that you can regain energy and excitement and passion for what you do. Being able to be connected with someone in this way is like a release valve…not only can you release pent up frustrations or fears that may be holding you back, but you can release a renewed commitment and vision and passion for the future.

Who do you need to connect with?

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How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization