8 Ways to Be A Transparent Leader

Transparency in leadership is a relatively new idea.  In the past, we were taught to hold our cards closely and not to be vulnerable because it was weak.  We know today that the opposite is true.  Yes, we need to attach a level of appropriateness to being vulnerable...

The Value of Connection

I once heard a very seasoned CEO comment about the fact that when he achieved his first CEO position two very strange things happened; suddenly, he was never wrong, and his jokes got funnier! We’ve all heard the statement “it’s lonely at the top” and for some executives this is their reality. Who do they share their passions with? Who do they share their frustrations with? Who do they share their fears with? Who do they share their dreams with? When you are in a leadership position people look to you for vision, inspiration, direction, reassurance…so where do you look to for all those same things? Who do you connect with to draw energy, inspiration and support?

Stepping Off the Fast Track…Is It Possible to Get Back on the Train?

There has been a theme in my conversations with leaders this past week…several executives talked about being content with where they are at in their careers. Their priorities have shifted. Goals they set years ago are suddenly not as important as they thought they were and they were wondering if this is a bad thing? Shouldn’t they want more? Isn’t it expected that they should keep striving to climb the corporate ladder? Are they committing corporate suicide by openly admitting they are happy with their current role and, for now, are not interested in staying on the fast track?

Leadership Generosity

I don’t know how many of you follow Fast Company magazine. If you don’t and you are into innovation and progressive thinking you might want to! Anyway, today has been renamed Generosity Day (see article for more info....

Leading with Positive Intention – Part 1

Think about your day yesterday…how many times did you think positively about a team member vs. think about how that person was not living up to your expectations…wasn’t trying hard enough…didn’t care about the outcome as much as you? The list can go on and on! What...