The Value of Connection

I once heard a very seasoned CEO comment about the fact that when he achieved his first CEO position two very strange things happened; suddenly, he was never wrong, and his jokes got funnier! We’ve all heard the statement “it’s lonely at the top” and for some executives this is their reality. Who do they share their passions with? Who do they share their frustrations with? Who do they share their fears with? Who do they share their dreams with? When you are in a leadership position people look to you for vision, inspiration, direction, reassurance…so where do you look to for all those same things? Who do you connect with to draw energy, inspiration and support?

Stepping Off the Fast Track…Is It Possible to Get Back on the Train?

There has been a theme in my conversations with leaders this past week…several executives talked about being content with where they are at in their careers. Their priorities have shifted. Goals they set years ago are suddenly not as important as they thought they were and they were wondering if this is a bad thing? Shouldn’t they want more? Isn’t it expected that they should keep striving to climb the corporate ladder? Are they committing corporate suicide by openly admitting they are happy with their current role and, for now, are not interested in staying on the fast track?

What Do You Value?

Before taking my coaching courses, I never gave much thought about what my values were. I remember that my parents taught me right from wrong and being raised in Quebec, we did go to Church on Sunday where I learned about being nice to others, sharing, helping people,...

Baseball’s New Coaching Approach

“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical” – Yogi Berra This article about the Pittsburgh Pirates new mental conditioning coach really intrigued me.  I saw parallels to my coaching clients in the business world: the higher...


Wellness is a common topic with my clients. This might be about physical health, stress, time and much more. A simple wellness reminder I keep top of mind is MEDS. I picked this up from blogger extraordinaire,  Nicholas Bate. M is for meditation in whatever way you do...