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How to Design a Leadership Development Program

Leadership development programs are one of the best ways to ensure your organization stays competitive in today’s fast-paced economy.

Ten years ago, many of the things we take for granted now simply didn’t exist. This past decade has seen an explosion in complexity – new technologies, new marketing channels, new ways of doing business. It’s a challenge for anyone just to keep up, yet speed and agility are a necessity.

At an organizational level, senior employees need to be impactful. New employees need to be brought up to speed quickly. High potential employees and young leaders need to reach the next level. It’s a constant struggle to make sure that organizations have the right people, with the right competencies, in roles where they can have an impact.

Leadership development is all about building the capabilities of your people so they can overcome whatever challenges are thrown their way. It encompasses training, succession planning, workshops, special programs for high-potential employees, and more.

This guide contains:

  • Common types of leadership development programs and the needs they serve
  • The benefits of having leadership development programs
  • How to evaluate leadership development programs and calculate their ROI
  • Different types of assessments that can measure leadership skills & competencies
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of coaching, assessments, workshops, and mentorship
  • Two sample case studies to show how it all comes together
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