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What Is Executive Coaching?

Professional executive coaching is a strategic partnership designed to support people in leadership positions with personalized feedback, fresh insight, external perspective, and pragmatic suggestions. The main objective is to partner with an executive business coach to support the achievement of peak performance and the potential to reach sought-after results with speed and productivity. Our 1-on-1 coaching helps executives steer positive business results, fulfill personal development and satisfaction in the workplace, and navigate their unique growth in leadership roles.

The right empowering executive career coaching can provide leaders with everything they need to accelerate their efficacy, achieve favorable outcomes, consistently deliver business goals, and establish a significant influence in their organizations. Authentic executive coaching understands each individual’s reasoning for seeking career development and finds common ground to build strong relationships, further communication and collaboration, and spread transformation throughout a company.

Our Approach

At the core, professional executive coaching is about more than the personal journey and development of an individual in leadership—it’s about the people. Epiphany Coaches provides our partners with an expert team of executive career advisors to select from to support skill growth and development. Based on 6 continents with coaching completed in over 70 countries, our values-based coaching team has the experience and expertise to help leaders make an impact on an organization from the inside out.

We believe that coaching is the best platform to develop leaders because it helps them directly address the most pressing challenges they face. Epiphany’s approach to coaching is customized and personal, designed to leverage each client’s unique strengths and support them over time as they make lasting changes in their lives.

Our nonprofit and corporate executive coaching programs are specifically structured to help leaders gain new insight and experiment with new approaches. We meticulously track goals and ROI to ensure satisfaction and value. We target 90% success on all of our program KPIs. Contact us today to let us know how we can help or to inquire about any questions you have regarding our services.

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