Large-Scale Coaching Programs

Epiphany has designed and delivered over 100 scalable coaching programs for organizations that require results-driven coaching for many leaders at once.

    • We provide end-to-end management for all of our large-scale coaching programs including: on-boarding materials, electronic coach selection, program launch calls, client progress updates, and wrap-up reporting!
    • We can manage on-demand programs (participants launch as required) and large-scale coaching programs (all participants launch simultaneously).
    • Epiphany’s dynamic coaching sessions feature an effective curriculum that will create lasting, measurable results. Our coaching programs are custom designed with a structured framework to support your organization’s unique culture and development goals. We can also perform observational visits and stakeholder interviews if you are looking for an outside perspective.
    • We meticulously track success and ROI for all of our large-scale learning programs to deliver the best results and increase the impact of your leadership initiatives. Expect to receive monthly progress reports, a midpoint review, and a wrap-up report!

    We track success on business objectives, engagement, and behavioural change in all of our coaching programs.

    of our clients gained new insight

    of our clients would recommend coaching

    value rating for North America workshops

    value rating for Europe/Asia workshops

    of our clients make progress on their goals

    Corporate-scale solutions with a boutique feel

    We aim to delight organizations through our flexible and streamlined process, proprietary tools, and our high-quality service. We provide a rich experience for participants and enable great results through our comprehensive program and our world-class team of coaches.

    Every coaching program receives hands-on management with our client service team. Through our Coaching Management System, we are able to customize both structure and delivery in a curated manner.

    We can provide frameworks or work within yours

    Some organizations have formally defined sets of competencies, skills, and behaviors that guide how leadership is enacted across a complex ecosystem. Using our Coaching Management System, we can set leadership coaching program goals and track each client’s progress against them. This coordinated system helps to develop sustainable outcomes and establish a productive and professionally aligned business environment.

    For organizations that are looking for us to provide tools and frameworks, we can do that too. We’re able to benchmark current performance, help organizations define desired leadership outcomes, and directly tie growth-oriented coaching programs to achieving better business results.

    "I’ve worked with agencies, partners, and learning consultants throughout Europe, the Middle East, and U.S. – and you guys are simply the best!"

    Helena Gilman, Director, Marketing Excellence

    Case Studies

    Microsoft Women at Microsoft Latam (Latin America)

    We created a coaching program to support leaders at Microsoft to navigate leading and working remotely during challenging times. We achieved the following results;

    • 100% satisfaction rating across the entire program
    • Coaches received a 4.95 star rating

    “With Epiphany, we found a partner that was able to help create a trustworthy, candid, and collaborative approach to engage with the community and think through suggestions, practices, and recommendations to help each other thrive on finding balance, success, and efficiency in this remote environment—from big themes to tactical recommendations”

      Cover Page For Microsoft Latam Case Study

      Securing Sustainability and Growth in a Large Milling

      We were approached by a large milling company in Canada. The client was keen to provide a Leadership Development Coaching Program to develop the skills of their second-level leaders to support future growth and sustainability. Our results were;

      • 100% of the leaders recommended future coaching programs
      • 100% satisfaction rating across the program
      • All participants gained new insight and learning

      “Thank you to the Epiphany Team for an excellent experience that will benefit me in the short and long term. Was an absolute pleasure.”

        If you have any questions, just ask!