Mentor Coaching for Leaders

Take your coaching to the next level!

Hone your coaching skills to better develop your people and effectively communicate as a leader.

A Leader being coached by their Mentor Coach

The importance of the “Leader as Coach” mindset and ability is well known to have widespread positive impact in organizations today. Leaders who can wear a coaching hat when needed have the ability to effectively develop their people when the opportunity presents itself throughout any given work day. Many leaders have crossed into the realm of coaching and see great benefits as they utilize these skills to help grow their people. This has created an increased need for honing their coaching skills as a leader.

Mentor coaching can help enhance coaching skills quickly and effectively.  Our Mentor Coaching for Leaders Program provides valuable guidance, insights, and support to help your leaders better develop their coaching skills.

A mentor coach helps leaders to be more effective at coaching their people.

Benefits of Honing Your Coaching Skills as a Leader 

✔  To focus and strengthen your conversations

✔ To deepen the connection with your people

✔ To strengthen accountability

 Some Common Focus Areas Are

How to stay in coach mode vs. provide the answers

How to create a safe environment

How to get more feedback and generate more ideas

How to design concrete actions

How to navigate points of difference

Leader and Coach sitting on a bench

1:1 Mentor Coaching Program Breakdown

✔  4 x 1:1 Mentor Coaching Sessions
 Bring unique issues and challenges
         Coach the mentor coach for feedback
✔  4 x 30 Minute Self-Serve Virtual Coaching Skills Modules to Complete Between Sessions
✔  Unlimited Laser Coaching Throughout the Program

How it Works:

  • Session 1 will kick off with some time to get comfortable with the mentor and share some background on what struggles the leader (mentee) has been having with their coaching. The mentor will then provide feedback and advice as to how the leader can improve for their next coaching session.
  • In sessions 2 and 3, the mentee will provide the coach (mentor) with either a coaching topic, challenge or case to focus the session. These sessions will explore how the mentee performed and provide further feedback on what they can improve in their coaching sessions.
  • In the final session, the Mentee will coach the coach for the first 30 minutes of the call, and then receive final feedback.
  • If more mentor coaching is needed additional sessions can be booked until the leader feels confident in their coaching skills.


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