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Epiphany Coaches is a leadership coaching company with 45 expert coaches on five continents. We believe that people have limitless potential to transform their organizations and communities. We offer an approach to coaching that is fresh, flexible and results-driven to accelerate the growth of your people and business results

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We know it is important to help leaders and their teams get grounded and set up in a new virtual environment, so they are focused, organized and well equipped. Leaders are faced with finding creative ways to stay connected with their people. In this guide, you’ll see how we collaborate with HR to share leadership solutions and support for their people.

How HR professionals are using Executive Coaching to adapt to COVID-19 and the economy of the future.

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In this guide you will learn... 

What makes a World-Class Coaching Program?

We have condensed our 20 years of expertise in designing and delivering coaching programs that consistently get the results you need, into this short free guide. We want you to know what actually works based on years of results and refining of our strategy.

What are the Top Leadership Development Topics right now (and how to support them).

Whether it is a new senior leader in role or a High-Potential with a couple identified skill gaps, we’ve put together the global trends in Top Coaching Topics from our real-life experience. Our flexible coaching system will cater each program to meet your employees exact coaching needs while keeping you looped in, engaged, and up to date as they progress 

Epiphany's Essential Leadership Coaching Guide

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The importance of structured frameworks in coaching such as our RQ model and Epiphany Method that allows for success, and why it works in such an efficient way.

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