We are a leadership coaching company that designs and delivers leadership development programs for high potential employees, managers, and executives.

Our global team of expert coaches has been improving retention, influence, confidence, and performance in organizations since 2001.

eBook: How to Design a Leadership Development Program

An organization is only as good as the people it employs – because of this, ambitious organizations know that in order to grow, innovate, and compete, they have to ensure that their leaders are properly equipped to handle these challenges. Like any other investment an organization might make, leadership development programs should be closely tied to larger objectives and aligned with company culture. If designed and implemented thoughtfully, leadership development programs can drive stronger business results and become a competitive advantage.

We are a global company of professional coaches

We are a professional coaching firm with a strong track record of delivering coaching programs for leaders around the globe since 2001.

We have a global team of coaches that have accelerated results for thousands of leaders in over 70 countries. Although we have delivered over one hundred large-scale coaching programs in a wide variety of industries, we specialize in working with tech companies and high-growth organizations.

Job Posting: Director of Business Development, Epiphany East

We are looking for a Director of Business Development to operate in the Asia/Pacific region. If you (or anyone you know) is looking for a role like this, please take a look at the job description and contact us!

I’ve worked with agencies, partners, learning consultants throughout Europe, Middle East and U.S. – and you guys are simply the best!

– Helena Gilman, Director, Marketing Excellence, Microsoft

Amazing. Exceeded my expectations, improved my ability to manage up and out, refined my leadership approach. It impacted my whole team’s performance and increased my commitment to my role and company.

– Worldwide Leader Feedback

Each time, the experience of working with Epiphany is immensely enjoyable, positive and rewarding.

– Julia Rabinovitch, Canadian Blood Services

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