We accelerate performance
through coaching.

We’ll help your organization implement lasting behavior changes that transform your business. You’ll work with collaborative coaches that boast a 98% success rate at giving companies new insight and helping leaders making significant progress on their goals.

Work we specialize in


The rate of change in most industries has exploded in the last decade, and this is felt most strongly in the technology sector. We work with all sizes of tech firms, from startups to global corporations.


We work with leaders in rapidly-growing companies, and help them develop new skills to handle increasingly complex roles. This maintains organizational momentum and drives business results.


Having leaders and high-potential employees work with a professional coach is one of the best ways to give them the skills and space they need to be reflective, strategic, and creative.

Our measured results from participants


gained new insight


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make progress on their goals

Types of coaching services we offer:


One-on-one leadership coaching represents over two-thirds of our overall coaching work. In some cases, they are individual contracts and in many others, we manage coaching programs for sets of senior leaders who will create their own individual coaching goals and enjoy their own coaching sessions within the framework of a funded program sponsored by the company.


Over the past couple of years, we have had a lot of organizations ask us about how to improve their company culture. Leaders know that a good culture creates a employee experience, improves retention, and drives better business results.

When it comes to company culture, we are able to bring our thought leadership and strategic partnerships to the table and help organizations diagnose problem areas, set goals, and ultimately transform how their people do business.


Workshops are a great way to spark conversation, create new perspectives, and develop new skills.

We have delivered an extremely wide range of customized workshops on various topics, including sessions on Coaching Skills Development, Wellness & Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Career Planning, and Personal Branding.

We have a Leadership Development series with sessions on Strengths-Based Leadership, Leadership Communication, Conflict & Failure, Developing Your People, Accountability, Leading Change, Fostering Effective Collaboration.


In situations where it is important for a certain team to work together effectively and achieve results, a single coach can work with an entire team. Team coaching typically covers topics like: constructive interaction, positivity, alignment, trust, accountability or any other dimension of high performing teams.

Epiphany has specific training in Team Systems Coaching that help us bring fresh and effective approaches to coaching teams. We start by gaining insight from the client and often send out a team survey to get a pulse on the real issues as a starting point. From there, we customize team coaching sessions to guide exploration of the team’s issues and facilitate healthy conflict.


Leaders have a very hard time turning things off. They struggle to stop thinking about important things at work. It’s no surprise that a lot of our clients confess that they can’t stop thinking about important work issues, even when they’re trying to enjoy time with their family.

The concept of “Wellness” extends beyond yoga and meditation. Wellness coaching helps clients maintain balance in their lives, which improves productivity and prevents burnout. We can also work with organizations to implement wellness programs for their employees.