Our coaching programs accelerate results for leaders in a fast-moving industry.

The rate of change in most industries has exploded in the last decade, and this is felt most strongly in the technology sector. Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent has become the biggest challenge for most tech companies.

Coaching drives business results by…

  • Developing top talent through career and leadership development;
  • Readying future leaders through succession planning;
  • Supporting senior leaders in key roles to accelerate business results;
  • Consistently developing the capabilities of your leaders over time.

Why is coaching ideal for tech?


Many organizations are beginning to realize that they have a very small pool of people that can replace their senior leadership team over the next ten years. Coaching builds leadership capability, solving one of the most pressing organizational challenges today.


In our busy world, there is a need for training solutions that don’t conflict with the other demands on leaders’ time. Our coaching calls are only 45 minutes long, and scheduled by our client. This saves organizations a lot of scheduling headaches, time, and money.

Common coaching areas in tech include:

Professional Development

Implementing career development programs through professional coaches supports top talent, helping them create their own career plans while building a sense of autonomy and capability. It also readies senior leaders to take on executive roles.

Leadership Capacity

Working with a professional coach builds core leadership skills, behaviors, and capabilities over time. Influence and executive presence can’t be taught in a training session, but they can be developed through a coaching relationship..


In business today, collaboration is key: leaders don’t have time to do it on their own. Coaching is one of the best ways to improve teamwork, which catalyzes organizational traits such as innovative capacity and employee engagement.

Learn how coaching accelerates results for people, teams, and organizations:

Procuring a professional approach for a single leader is often quite straightforward. However, when a company decides to implement a coaching program across dozens or hundreds of leaders, there can be many additional considerations:

  • Who should receive coaching?
  • How can the ROI of a coaching program be measured?
  • Can a coaching program be scaled and systematized?
  • Can coaching be combined with training workshops?

After delivering over one hundred large-scale coaching programs for a variety of organizations and industries, we developed a guide to help you plan internally.