We believe in people and relationships to drive results.

Do your leaders need upskilling or reskilling?
Need to build more safety and trust?
Drive awareness and action on DEI?
Develop more empathy and agility?

We care about you 

At Epiphany, we’re passionate about helping you and your leaders become more successful— in work and in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for a coaching partner who cares deeply about you and the success of your leaders, you’ve come to the right place, as our leadership coaching services will enhance the capabilities of your executives. 

remaining visible for building professional relationships


Executive Coaching Services

We have over 50 expert coaches on six continents who believe that people have limitless potential to transform their organizations and communities. We offer a human-focused, relationship-based approach to coaching that is fresh, flexible and results-driven to accelerate the growth of your people and business results. Our executive coaching services will give you the tools to provide the influential leadership your business needs.

remaining visible for building professional relationships

What are your needs?

Are you looking for executive or high-potential employee coaching?

Do you need a large-scale coaching or leadership development program?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a one-off workshop or leadership retreat. We’ve got you covered?

Tell us the pain points in your organization and we’ll develop a flexible, tailored plan to meet
your specific needs. We’ll take care of everything. There’s no problem you can come up with
that we can’t deal with.

Our clients ask us to help them be more caring, more connected, more empathetic, more collaborative, more influential. With our specially developed relationship model and relationship tool, we’ve helped hundreds of leaders develop these and other essential relationship skills.

remaining visible for building professional relationships

Do our core values align?

At Epiphany, four core values are central to the work that we’ll do with you.

Being Real

We’re not fancy or pretentious and we tell it like it is. We believe in honesty and
transparency in everything we do, and we’ll expect the same from you and your leaders.


We believe your life and our lives should be filled with joy wherever possible. We infuse
joy and laughter into our work and aim to be FUN to work with!


We’re GIVERS at heart! We believe in being generous, with our time, our services
and our ongoing support of you and your leaders. Our goal is to make your life easier and do as much as we can for you.


We stay FRESH, current, open, experimental and innovative. After 21 years of being
in this business, we have longevity and experience. We’re always looking for ways to do things better and evolve our work with you.

"I’ve worked with agencies, partners, and learning consultants throughout Europe, the Middle East, and U.S. – and you guys are simply the best!"

Helena Gilman, Director, Marketing Excellence