This blog is intended for leaders, overachievers and perfectionists.

This morning, after breakfast and coffee, I excitedly grabbed my new tin of Jones carbonated orange and cream candy. I popped the lid and read a quote from Kevin from Lexington on the inside lid.

It read, “I’m not lazy, I’m relaxed”.

There is already much said and written about how to motivate our employees. This isn’t a blog about how to motivate people to perform.  In fact, it’s the opposite.

The bigger question is, “As leaders, how do we motivate our overachievers and perfectionists to take the time they do need to relax and possibly even consider being lazy for a moment?”

The truth is that many overachievers and perfectionists are too far away from relaxed. In their quest to deliver, they make compromises and sacrifices that put them on the edge – a place where they are unbalanced, stressed and not at their best to be creative, happy or productive. This reality places some of our best people in jeopardy.

  • 75% to 90% of physician visits are related to stress (American Institute of Stress)
  • The workplace has become the single greatest source of stress (NIOSH)

As leaders, we can support our best people to make their highest contributions and live their best lives.  Your high performer will deliver. That isn’t the issue. This is an opportunity to create an environment that promotes higher performance, healthy living and strong, sustainable solutions.

Ways to Motivate Your Overachiever Today

  1. Support your people to say no.
  2. Discuss boundaries.
  3. Reduce unspoken fears that they haven’t worked hard enough.
  4. Recognize their contributions.
  5. Advocate for rest when they need it.