Transparency in leadership is a relatively new idea.  In the past, we were taught to hold our cards closely and not to be vulnerable because it was weak.  We know today that the opposite is true.  Yes, we need to attach a level of appropriateness to being vulnerable but fundamentally it is a necessary and powerful ingredient to leadership today.  When you are transparent, you show a more human side that allows people to connect with you. It creates trust and commitment and loyalty. This rings true for our employees and our customers. Yet, being so new to transparency and vulnerability, what can that look like? How can you really do it? Here are 8 considerations for you as you aim to be more transparent:

  1. Speak from your heart not just the spreadsheet – what do you “feel” vs. “think” or “know”
  2. Be personal – share your own stories and journey
  3. Share when you don’t know something
  4. Admit when you made a mistake
  5. Ask for help when you need it
  6. Acknowledge the truth
  7. Replace fear of “not having all the answers” with a spirit of arriving at solutions together
  8. Have faith that your people can handle the truth and will rise to the occasion. In coaching, we always coach from the point of view that every person is “creative, resourceful and whole”. Coming from this place as a leader is empowering.