A lot of people think about who they want to be, and many business leaders think about what kind of leader they want to be.

However, not many people stop to consider what type of leader their organization or team needs, and whether or not they are fulfilling that role.

Most of our clients love this question when we ask them. Generally, they become very curious and reflective. And, they typically know quite quickly who they want to be, who they need to be, and the value of being intentional in their leadership.

Leaders need to be flexible

Leaders have many qualities and competencies they bring to their roles. They do their best to maintain their character and values at all times, but depending on the situation – where the market is, where the company is or what is happening – they have a choice about who they show up as.

In other words, they have a choice… leaders can be intentional about who they need to be (and will be) in any given interaction. Some examples:

  • If you are launching a new program or process, focus on being the leader who champions people for moving ahead with something new and promotes the importance of innovation.
  • If you are behind on targets, it may support you most to show up as the leader who brings focus and clarity to help the team move ahead with a clear plan and timing.
  • If there is a new market opportunity, be the leader who brings commitment and urgency to be able to move quickly.
  • If your peer is pitching a great new idea, be the leader who acknowledges and validates her.

This intention can accelerate your success as it is focused and calibrated to address needs and priorities of the people in your organization. This applies to your direct reports, peers, more senior leaders, partners, and customers.

Intentional leadership gives you deliberate, thoughtful and laser focused leadership.

There’s only one catch: this requires self-reflection. Pause. Take a pulse. Ask yourself, what the situation and the person most requires from you as a leader.  Then, put that aspect of your leadership forward to support the best results.


Our Relationship Intelligence™ Tool

Personality tests are valuable tools that enable reflection and self-awareness. However, when it comes to providing actionable steps to improve your leadership presence, these tools often fall short.

Our Relationship Intelligence™ Model helps you build great relationships and collaboration skills, work faster and create space for innovative ideas.

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