For organizations to grow, innovate, and compete in today’s fast-paced business environment, they must continually invest in their people: studies have shown that organizations with robust leadership development programs drive better business results and respond to shifting market conditions more effectively.

As a professional coaching firm that has designed and delivered leadership development programs in 70 countries, we’ve seen all kinds of ways that organizations support their people’s growth. This includes training programs, coaching, succession planning, workshops, special opportunities for high-potential employees, and much more.

But leadership development is more than sending teams to cutting-edge workshops or getting someone an executive coach. Like any other investment an organization might make, leadership development programs should be closely tied to larger objectives and aligned with company culture. If designed and implemented thoughtfully, leadership development programs can drive stronger business results and become a competitive advantage.

We wrote “How to Design a Leadership Development Program” for organizations that are looking to build their first program and for organizations that are looking to expand or update the programs they already have.

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“How to Design a Leadership Development Program” contains:

  • Common types of leadership development programs and the needs they serve
  • The benefits of having leadership development programs
  • How to evaluate leadership development programs and calculate their ROI
  • Different types of assessments that can measure leadership skills & competencies
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of coaching, assessments, workshops, and mentorship
  • Two sample case studies to show how it all comes together