We’re right in the throes of the holidays, and it’s easy to let the excitement and joy for the season rule over employee morale. With this in mind, we can’t just rely on the season of giving to create and maintain motivation in the workplace.

Instead, we must think about what can be done to inspire, no matter the season. One great way to do so is through events.

Not sure which event to host? Explore our guide to the most common types of corporate events. We’ve even thrown in a few corporate event ideas for when you’re not sure where to go. Get ready for motivation regardless of the season!


This is probably the one people think of the most when it comes to corporate events. If your team is struggling with cross-team knowledge, conferences are a great way to learn and connect your teams. Because here’s the truth—conferences don’t have to involve people outside your company.

You can have conferences and seminars that include different departments from your company or bring in other professionals. The world is your oyster here, especially with video chats and calls easily accessible.

Business Dinners

Haven’t treated your team in a while? Business dinners are a more casual corporate event that can remind your team that you appreciate them. Is everyone working around the clock during the holiday season? Take different teams out to dinner in January!

It doesn’t have to be a whole company dinner. You can split it up so that the dinner is more personalized and intimate. And this event doesn’t take a whole lot of planning either!

Year End Functions

It may be a little late to plan your year-end party, but if you have a small enough company, it may not be. Think about catering food into the office and inviting folks for a casual dinner and celebration. Need some help planning? Start with a theme; it’s the key to throwing an unforgettable event!

Pro Tip: Don’t have the time for a full-blown party this year? Put it on the schedule and start planning in preparation for next year.

Executive Retreats

Quite a popular type of corporate event in the world of sales (and many other industries) is an executive retreat. You can also think of these as incentive programs. Basically, it again presents the idea that you should reward your team or company if they are working hard.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are some of the most expensive in-house corporate events, so it may be something to hold on to for the future. For now, try out different incentive programs. When employees know that they can obtain something from their working hard, their motivation will kick in tenfold.

Corporate Activity Days

This is one of our favorite corporate event ideas! Activity days are easier to plan and can be woven in throughout the year—think about hosting one per quarter! Have a lot of golfers? Plan a corporate golf day! Is the office near some beautiful trails? Think about a hike and picnic day!

Need some virtual ideas? Try out a murder mystery party! Or send everyone some money to go to the same movie! These can be casual and fun events, just what a lot of employees need to get their motivation back up.