One of the common misconceptions about coaches is that they are advice-givers and problem-solvers. In reality, coaching in organizations puts the client in the driver’s seat: instead of giving leaders a one-size-fits-all solution, executive coaches support leaders as they develop their own styles and approaches.

What is the ROI of Coaching in Organizations?

By design, the growth that each leader experiences during a coaching program is unique to that person, which means that communicating the value of coaching programs in a standardized way is not always a straightforward process. After coaching thousands of leaders around the world, we have found that clients tend to make significant progress in at least one of the following areas during their time with a coach, and that these improvements can be tied directly to ROI for the organization:

Building Influence & Leadership Capacity

Year after year, the top priorities for leaders we coach have been influence, executive presence, team leadership, and impact. Working with a coach supports leaders over time as they build the skills, behaviors, and mindsets they need to be effective in their roles.

Accelerating Success

Many senior leaders work with an executive coach to support them through a challenging time in their career; transitioning into a new organization or bouncing back from a difficult fiscal year, for example. Coaching helps leaders get results faster.

Fostering Collaboration

In a business landscape that prioritizes innovation and agility, collaborative leaders are able to reach their goals more quickly & easily. Working with a coach supports leaders as they build better working relationships up, down, and across.

Enabling Innovation & Change

Business moves extremely fast nowadays, and being able to lead through change is now a requirement in most industries. Coaching gives leaders new perspectives & tools that they can use to grow their strategic impact and their ability to motivate their team.

The ROI of Coaching High-Potential Employees

Leadership coaching in organizations is often reserved exclusively for senior leaders and management-track employees. People who are in high-stakes, high-complexity roles derive obvious and immediate benefits from coaching. Influence, executive presence, and leadership impact are just three of the most common improvement areas.

Coaching in Organizations for Any Role…

  • Customer Support Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Director
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Site Superintendent
  • Art Director
  • Project Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator

These employees play a key role in your organization. Their ability to lead and motivate their teams impacts your culture, your top-line revenue, and especially your profitability!

That’s why over the past several years at Epiphany, we have been delivering more and more programs for front-line leaders in manufacturing and production companies. Coaching in organizations is not something that has to be limited to leaders and managerial roles, but reaps huge benefits when additionally provided to high potential employees. Our clients in these sectors have recognized that the increased ability of their production managers and shift supervisors to lead their teams has a big impact on profitability.

Benefits of Investing in Your Front-Line Leaders

Some benefits of good front-line leadership are easy to measure: when front-line leaders become experts in creating positive and productive relationships, organizations see decreased sick days, cost savings through efficiencies, and increased innovation. Someone who has experienced the benefits of coaching in organizations has a more positive and motivated outlook on their professional lives, driving success further.

Also, an entire band of front-line leaders that have adopted collaborative mindsets and behaviors are much more likely to work together in support of broader organizational goals. This is where information starts flowing between departments and things start getting done faster.

Finally, think about those rare leaders who can motivate front-line employees to take genuine pride in their work, and how much better that whole area of the business performs… these skills can be developed and trained within a well-designed program! The impact made on the success of a business and its employees is clear with coaching in organizations.

Leadership Coaching in Organizations

When developing your front-line leaders, we recommend using workshops to quickly build skills in program participants alongside leadership coaching to lock in behaviors and mindsets for the long term. This will maximize impact given in short time-frames and limited budgets. Coaching in organizations makes a huge difference in the compassion shown for other perspectives by coached employees.

The topics that we cover are tailored to the unique needs of front-line leaders, and are also aligned with your organization’s culture to be as relevant as possible.

  • Dealing constructively with conflict
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Driving accountability
  • Developing your people
  • Building stronger workplace relationships (using our RQ Relationship Intelligence™ system)

For many front-line leaders, programs like ours are the first time that they’ve been exposed to many concepts related to leadership and collaboration. This makes programs like this especially rewarding for us, since the ROI is easy to measure and communicate.

Free Guide – How to Design a Leadership Development Program

Aside from increasing agility and staying competitive, there are many other reasons that organizations should invest in leadership development. For a full explanation, as well as examples of what these programs look like, download our free guide, How to Design a Leadership Development Program.