About Epiphany Coaches

We believe that coaching can literally change the world for the better.

When individuals are encouraged to become better… when they’re supported to build kinder, more empathetic, caring and compassionate business relationships… when they’re given the skills they need to truly connect with the people they work with… it can only mean good things
for our organizations – and for our world!

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Cheryl Breukelman


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Epiphany was born from my strong desire to champion people’s potential.  Many years ago, across a decade at Microsoft, I saw what is truly possible when strong and talented people are fully supported to achieve and innovate. I witnessed their joy, their commitment and their extraordinary contributions. I wanted to take that forward to support leaders, organizations and communities to realize their highest potential and fulfillment. I’m honoured and inspired every day by the care, commitment and impact our team has partnering with amazing leaders from around the world and the results that we can achieve together.

Do our core values align?

At Epiphany, four core values are central to the work that we’ll do with you.

Being Real

We’re not fancy or pretentious and we tell it like it is. We believe in honesty and
transparency in everything we do, and we’ll expect the same from you and your leaders.


We believe your life and our lives should be filled with joy wherever possible. We infuse
joy and laughter into our work and aim to be FUN to work with!


We’re GIVERS at heart! We believe in being generous, with our time, our services
and our ongoing support of you and your leaders. Our goal is to make your life easier and do as much as we can for you.


We stay FRESH, current, open, experimental and innovative. After 21 years of being
in this business, we have longevity and experience. We’re always looking for ways to do things better and evolve our work with you.

What we’re doing in the community

MARS Apprentice, McMaster University DeGroote School of Business

The MARS Apprentice program was formed in order to bridge the gap between industry and academia by introducing real life Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Sales challenges into a learning environment.  We have supported students in MARS Apprentice since 2005 by providing/volunteering our coaching services to participants and program chairs in the form of team coaching, master classes and workshops.

Trees for the Future

We are a proud sponsors of Trees for Future since 2009. At Epiphany, we champion people and development. We donate the planting of FORESTS for community development in recognition of our clients’ commitment to growth and development of their own people every year. Trees for the Future has planted nearly 65 million trees in more than 12,000 villages in 23 countries around the world.