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Founded in 2001, we are a professional coaching firm that delivers strategic and innovative coaching programs for leaders around the world.


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What we’re doing in the community

MARS Apprentice, McMaster University DeGroote School of Business

The MARS Apprentice program was formed in order to bridge the gap between industry and academia by introducing real life Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Sales challenges into a learning environment.  We have supported students in MARS Apprentice since 2005 by providing/volunteering our coaching services to participants and program chairs in the form of team coaching, master classes and workshops.

Trees for the Future

We are a proud sponsors of Trees for Future since 2009. At Epiphany, we champion people and development. We donate the planting of FORESTS for community development in recognition of our clients’ commitment to growth and development of their own people every year. Trees for the Future has planted nearly 65 million trees in more than 12,000 villages in 23 countries around the world.