Coaching FAQ

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is, at its essence, a series of focused and powerful conversations that accelerate success. You can think of it is a formal relationship between you and the executive coach you choose, where the coach guides you and acts as an external sounding board as you progress towards your goals. Often a coaching program will include various other components such as onboarding materials, various assessments, follow up resources, and laser coaching.

Can anyone have a coach?

Yes, anyone can have a coach. We believe coaching should be scalable, measurable and affordable for everyone. All the top performers (sports, business and otherwise) in history have had coaches to reach their level of success.

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching will accelerate how fast you can reach your goal(s), no matter what the goal is. When working with a professional coach, leaders have the opportunity to work through obstacles and opportunities to support their professional growth. Coaches ask questions, share impartial observations, and provide tools to help clients reach their goals faster.

How do I choose an Executive Coach?

In our experience, there are three things that clients should keep in mind when selecting a coach: business experience, coaching experience, and “fit” (personality, style, and shared values).

A good “fit” between coach and client drives the coaching engagement to reach its full potential. At Epiphany, we’ve selected a team of coaches who have, on average, 10+ years of coaching experience and 15+ years of corporate experience. We give our clients a diverse choice of coaches to ensure they are coached by someone they can relate to and connect with through our online coach selection portal that comes with a coach-match guarantee. 

How does the coach selection work?

We use an online portal to facilitate coach selection, and every client gets a choice of at least four coaches. We guarantee coach satisfaction and will offer new coaches mid-program if required.

How do I get started with coaching?

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What is your privacy policy?

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