Group Coaching Programs

Our group coaching programs are the perfect way to support cohorts of leaders. We have delivered over 100 scalable coaching programs for organizations that require results-driven coaching for many leaders at once.

Candidates for group coaching are pools of leaders who share something in common that is a priority to support. They may be in the same role, or at the same level, or on the same team, or have the same goal to accomplish. It’s a way to support the collective goal. And 1:1 coaching supports the unique needs of each leader.

For example, you may have a group of leaders who are leading a specific change in the organization. You want to support them to lead change well, yet each leader will have different needs based on their strengths and situation. One leader may need support to communicate change while another leader may need support on influencing or managing priorities.

Whether it is supporting a group of leaders who are leading change, or senior leaders who are new in role or high potentials, we have the experience to guide your journey.

We work with you to establish your goals and priorities and build a flexible coaching plan to support your people. We can incorporate assessments to guide the work. We can integrate group coaching with 1:1 coaching. We share and collaborate with you to design the right program for you and your people. We have great success running programs for 10 people or 150 people at a time.


If rolling out a group coaching program still sounds a little daunting, check out how easy we make it:

  1. We work together to identify an overall program focus. Ie. Leading change.
  1. We host a launch call with everyone in the group.
  1. Leaders select their coach from a custom pool of coaches.
  1. Leaders choose their own 1-2 coaching goals related to the program focus.
  1. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire program with our flexible portal through detailed reporting, and regular check in calls.

Here are some of the most common reasons our clients use our group coaching programs

New Senior Leaders

When organizations hire new key leaders, our large scale coaching programs help to focus and support them as they navigate a new company culture, build their knowledge, grow their relationships and establish key priorities for their role.

High Potential Employees + Career Coaching

High potential employees are key to every business. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and with record low talent retention rates in companies across the globe, retaining high potential talent is more important than ever.

We work with pools of high potential employees to help prepare them for moving forward in your organization. This typically looks like a career development program, where we help them establish a career vision and goals and support them in key development areas that they identify. Investing in your high potential employees will increase talent retention and help build a stronger foundation for future leadership.

Key Talent Undergoing Change + Transformation

Businesses have been facing a lot of change and transformation over the last few years, and we have seen the impact this has had on key talent. In fact this is the #1 topic we have been working on over the last 5 years. Leaders are stressed, burnt-out, and need some extra support navigating change in today’s environment.

Succession Planning

We ready your people for their next roles. We support them to develop the skills and capabilities they need to be successful at the next level. In this way, you have a ready talent pool to tap into and a developed and engaged team. We help you prepare for the next generation of talent to fill existing roles.

"I’ve worked with agencies, partners, and learning consultants throughout Europe, the Middle East, and U.S. – and you guys are simply the best!"

Helena Gilman, Director, Marketing Excellence

Case Studies

Women at Microsoft Latam (Latin America)

We created a coaching program to support leaders at Microsoft to navigate leading and working remotely during challenging times. We achieved the following results;

  • 100% satisfaction rating across the entire program
  • Coaches received a 4.95 star rating

“With Epiphany, we found a partner that was able to help create a trustworthy, candid, and collaborative approach to engage with the community and think through suggestions, practices, and recommendations to help each other thrive on finding balance, success, and efficiency in this remote environment—from big themes to tactical recommendations”

Securing Sustainability and Growth in a Large Milling Company

We were approached by a large milling company in Canada. The client was keen to provide a Leadership Development Coaching Program to develop the skills of their second-level leaders to support future growth and sustainability. Our results were;

  • 100% of the leaders recommended future coaching programs
  • 100% satisfaction rating across the program
  • All participants gained new insight and learning

“Thank you to the Epiphany Team for an excellent experience that will benefit me in the short and long term. Was an absolute pleasure.”

Coaching for Engineers at a Fortune 500 Technology Company

We were approached by the consulting division of a Fortune 500 technology company. The company was looking to invest more into its people by providing coaching and career development opportunities for them. Our results were;

  • 94% Rating For The Program Overall
  • 100% of Participants rated coach 5 stars
  • Lasting sense of coaching culture

“It helped me deal with both how to think about landing change in terms of the organization as well as the current climate of addressing racial injustice”

Supporting Senior Engineers in a Large Nuclear Energy Company

We met with a large nuclear energy company to help them create a coaching program to develop and support their senior engineering leaders. Our solution helped them support these leaders towards areas in their strategic leadership model, while working closely with management and HR. Our results were;

  • 100% of participants said the program drove business results
  • 100% of managers felt skills were improved and goals were achieved
  • 98% of participants voted top 2 box scores for the coaches

“This program has lead to a substantial increase in self-confidence that underpins my foundation for greater executive presence and inspiring others”

If you have any questions, just ask!