Leadership Development Programs

Leaders in growing organizations must constantly evolve to successfully address shifting demands & opportunities. We facilitate rapid growth for large groups of leaders by combining executive coaching with skills development workshops.

Custom-designed leadership development programs to support your strategic priorities:

We often work with large corporations and growing organizations to design leadership development programs for employees in specific areas of their business, such as an entire department or leadership band.

Our collaborative approach to program design and our end-to-end program management system drive outstanding results for our clients. We target 90%+ success in all aspects of our programs.



Create a common set of skills, behaviors, and mindsets for leaders in your organization:

We help growing organizations establish formal leadership development objectives & programs to deepen their leadership bench and avoid growing pains.

We have worked with businesses and nonprofits in many sectors to create frameworks, objectives, and language around leadership that fits their unique culture.

Epiphany deploys coaching, workshops, assessments, and our own unique relationship skills system to help leaders and organizations meet their goals.

of our clients gained new insight

of our clients would recommend coaching

value rating for North America workshops

value rating for Europe/Asia workshops

of our clients make progress on their goals

We use workshops to build skills in program participants and coaching to foster behaviors and mindsets. This approach builds organizational capability very quickly while supporting pre-existing cultural change initiatives.

  • We provide end-to-end management for all of our large-scale programs; this includes on-boarding materials, electronic coach selection, program launch calls, client progress updates and wrap-up reporting!
  • We can manage on-demand programs (participants launch as required) and large-scale programs (all participants launch simultaneously).
  • Our programs are custom-designed to support your organization’s unique culture and development goals. We can also perform observational visits and stakeholder interviews if you are looking for an outside perspective.
  • We meticulously track success and ROI for all of our programs. Expect to receive monthly progress reports, a midpoint review, and a wrap-up report!

I’ve worked with agencies, partners, learning consultants throughout Europe, Middle East and U.S. – and you guys are simply the best!

Helena Gilman, Director, Marketing Excellence

How to Design a Leadership Development Program

Ambitious organizations know that in order to grow, innovate, and compete, they have to ensure that their leaders are properly equipped to handle these challenges. If designed and implemented thoughtfully, leadership development programs can drive stronger business results and become a competitive advantage.

We wrote this eBook for organizations that are looking to build their first program and for organizations that are looking to expand or update the programs they already have.