This is why we created our Healthcare Coaching Program with flexibility in mind.

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Epiphany Coaches over the past several years on implementing a variety of programs and workshops. Each time, the experience of working with Epiphany is immensely enjoyable, positive and rewarding. What I especially appreciate about them is their authentic desire to ensure that their clients’ get what they need and more." 

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Epiphany Coaches is a leadership coaching company with over 50 expert coaches on five continents. We believe that people have limitless potential to transform their organizations and communities. We offer an approach to coaching that is fresh, flexible and results-driven to accelerate the growth of your people and business results.

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Julia Rabinovitch,
 Manager, Talent Management Programs Canadian Blood Services

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Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Leaders

Strong leadership is required now more than ever.

Leaders are navigating large client volumes. Stress levels are high. Teams are often understaffed. More than ever, healthcare leaders need support to be successful.

Leaders in healthcare need leadership support that is flexible to make it work for them based on their own schedule.

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Our Leadership Methodology

We believe that to be an effective leader you need to be able to lead in 3 different areas:

1. Leading the organization

2. Leading your people

3. Leading yourself

Leaders need to be agile and adaptive to handle unexpected changes in order to lead the business effectively. They must be caring and connecting with a team focus to lead their people. They have to be resilient and master self care to lead themselves.

Leaders Get Support When They Need It!

We know that coaching is most effective when leaders are given full flexibility to choose their goals and when they interact with their coach. Our Healthcare Coaching Program prioritizes the leader's schedule rather than the coach's. In our coaching programs your leaders get to choose when their coaching sessions happen.

We also offer last minute scheduling and unlimited 5-minute laser coaching in between sessions, so your leaders get the support they need when they need it.

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Our History In Healthcare

Supporting Healthcare Sector Since 2007

Coaching medical directors, nurses, practitioners, executive leaders, managers and front line supervisors

Coaching through group programs, retreats and one on one coaching in national initiatives and single locations

Delivering leadership programs for Roche across North and South America in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here's What Our Clients Had To Say

Some Of Our Healthcare Clients

Program Breakdown

6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

6 Leadership Resources

1 x Mid Progress Check In With Manager + HR

Unlimited 5 Minute Laser Calls With Coach

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