Welcome to your Leadership Development Coaching Program!

On this page, we have some resources that will help you get maximum value from this coaching program. Please make sure to do the following:


  1. Watch the What Is Coaching video to learn what to expect from coaching and how coaching works.
  2. Read the FAQ to see answers to common queries.
Frequently Asked Questions

What will the first coaching session look like?

Your first session is an opportunity to build a connection with your coach, share your coaching goals, design outcomes together for clarity and to answer any of your questions about coaching or the program itself. Be prepared that your coach may also immediately suggest action items for you to complete between sessions so that you are taking action as soon as possible. 

Can I select a new coach later if I want to?

Yes. Although this rarely happens, you can always reach out to us (even after a couple sessions) and we’ll provide you with new coach options. It is important that you have good chemistry with your coach. Our coaches will not be offended. We all want you to have the best experience possible.  

Are my coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, 100%.  

Are there additional resources to support coaching goals?

Yes, your coach will send session summaries including relevant tools and resources following each session.