Coaching is a structured partnership that drives stronger business results by accelerating growth and development.

Why is coaching unique?


People seek out coaching because they are looking to make a change of some sort, or they have specific milestones they want to accomplish. A coach’s role is to help clients reach their goals faster. Working with a coach brings focus, clarity, and structure to professional development.


Beyond simply sharing issues, clients must set goals and develop action plans during coaching sessions, which they are held accountable to between sessions. This way, clients benefit from increased insight, and actually work towards achieving tangible results.

What can coaching do for an organization?


We’ll help your organization implement lasting behavior changes that transform your business. You’ll work with collaborative coaches that boast a 98% success rate at giving companies new insight and helping leaders making significant progress on their goals.

Professional Development

Leadership Capacity


Innovation & Change

Company Culture


How does coaching work?


The heart of any coaching program is the partnership between the coach and the client. The client is responsible for bringing their goals and sticking points to the table. They are also expected to be willing to discuss their issues openly, and to take action on them.

The coach, on the other hand, is responsible for asking questions, sharing impartial observations, working with the client to generate new insights, and providing clients with tools to help them achieve their goals.


When organizations have a large number of leaders they’d like to coach at once, companies like Epiphany Coaches are retained to deliver coaching programs.

This allows entire departments and groups of leaders to acquire similar skills and drive priorities across a larger team or geography at the same time. Organizational coaching programs develop better relationships, higher levels of workplace cohesion, and accelerate results.

Learn how coaching accelerates results for people, teams, and organizations:

Procuring a professional approach for a single leader is often quite straightforward. However, when a company decides to implement a coaching program across dozens or hundreds of leaders, there can be many additional considerations:

  • Who should receive coaching?
  • How can the ROI of a coaching program be measured?
  • Can a coaching program be scaled and systematized?
  • Can coaching be combined with training workshops?

After delivering over one hundred large-scale coaching programs for a variety of organizations and industries, we developed a guide to help you plan internally.