Investing in leadership coaching programs is a proven strategy when it comes to developing your leaders and top talent into a positive reflection of the company. These leaders are likeable and popular among the rest of their team – a result of the compassion and empathy they effectively lead with. But, is being likeable enough to be a great leader, or are their other traits that influence the majority?

What is An Effective Leader?

Along with being good company, great leaders are unanimously respectful and inspiring to their followers. They have good intentions that include the ones around them, as they are looking to build individuals up and encourage mutual success.

 They strive to build a team that shares a common vision! Relating with coworkers encourages connections that lead to the creation of a healthy company culture and cultivated perspective. Leaders who have engaged in coaching see the benefits of their change in mindset both in and out of the workplace, which they share with their teams.

Effective business leaders are…

1. Compassionate

Becoming a leader that staff want to follow means going above and beyond to show that you value them, their performance, and what they are going through in life. Great leaders need to make an effort to better the communication between them and their teams, and use their listening skills to remain empathetic. They are reasonable, and ethical with every decision made with their status.

2. Transformational

Transformational leaders are those that use their influence in positive ways to create change within an organization, workplace, company, etc. They hear all sides of the story and make rational and informed decisions that aim to satisfy as many as possible. Their adaptability and charisma make it possible for them to lead others in new directions without the fear of failure.

3. Vulnerable

Creating a team based on trust is a success strategy that leadership coaching programs emphasize, and so is demonstrated by great leaders. Their transparency when it comes to admitting mistakes, asking for help, and nerve to share contrasting views allows their coworkers to feel that they are showing their genuine and true selves. Creating connections with their teams that are strong through turmoil is a characteristic that effective leaders value.

4. Self-Aware

Have you ever received negative feedback from someone when they’re angry or irritable? Usually the criticism comes across (or truly is) more harsh than you deserve. Effective leaders understand the impact that they have on team members because of their influence, and so they refrain from acting out when they’re emotional. This means that they take time to consider the appropriate times to give feedback to avoid acting on their emotions. It’s important to recognize how your words and actions can unintentionally cause harm, and great leaders know this.

5. Great Communicators

One of the most frustrating things for employees and employers, is when there are misunderstandings on expected work. It leads to awkward conversations, confrontations, and heightened emotions. Making expectations clear and encouraging open, judgement free lines of communication is something all great leaders practice in the workplace. It gives teams the courage to come to their higher-ups with questions or concerns without the fear of rejection. When everyone is clear on the tasks at hand, performance is at its best!

Leadership Coaching Programs Create Effective Leaders

It’s clear that to be a good influence for their teams, effective leader rely on their ability to be genuine, understanding and direct in their actions. Leadership coaching programs help managers see the change they can make in themselves, and the difference it makes in the personal, and professional lives of themselves and their teams. It means creating a safe space out of the workplace that encourages opportunity to grow! To get the most out of yourself and your team, remember these five characteristics of effective leadership, or reach out to Epiphany Coaches to learn more about the executive coaching services we offer.

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Over the last twenty years, we have worked with organizations across the globe to grow their people and drive results. With businesses shifting quickly to digital, and trying to adapt to these strange times we are facing, leaders are under more stress than ever.

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