With organizations coming to understand the importance of investing in their employees, leadership development workshops are becoming more popular than ever. Terms such as the great resignation and the employee experience are finding their way into HR conferences all over, and they are often accompanied by questions about how to develop teams further. One answer is coaching workshops, which can be company wide or one-on-one and bring many advantages/serve many purposes.

What is a Leadership Development Workshop?

To put it simply, leadership development workshops are company growth engines that drive for present and future success. They play a big role in connecting teams and get multiple leaders thinking about specific challenges or goals that have been waiting to be addressed. They can also serve as an excellent tool to complement other coaching programs, with teams taking away key findings and challenges from the workshop. Having that understanding allows individuals to dive deeper into what they individually thought was interesting with their personal coach.

What makes these workshops so special is that they provide a space for multiple leaders to come together to learn and exchange ideas, and in doing so they build community by addressing common issues. In short, they provide a great way for leaders to dive into specific topics and cultivate a well-rounded company culture with capable and motivated staff.

Your employees want to learn; they want to be excited to go to work. By aligning your leadership team on specific challenges, they become more goal oriented and motivated while harnessing the skills they already know are their strengths!

Investing in your top talent to further develop their skills has been proven to increase profits and staff retention. Considering businesses spend the equivalent of an employee’s annual salary on the hiring and training process, keeping and developing staff that have previously been trained is a huge benefit for organizations.

Leadership Development Workshops are Personalized Wellness

With the rate of digital and technological advancements, executives have learned that it is getting more difficult to hire staff that have the skills that will be useful a few years from now. As a result, these businesses are looking to fill existing roles by investing in their existing talent, rather than hiring someone from outside.

Now when it comes to new hires, the shifting focus has been to hire those who may not be quite there yet but show potential to succeed. This has led to a big increase in the use of leadership development programs to bring out the qualities that represent the organizations values and give the employee the confidence and skills necessary to be independent in their work.

Another workplace aspect that has been affected by remote work is that new team members haven’t had the chance to meet prior employees. They haven’t been in the office to see one another! Or, they have, but it was during a virtual meeting with 15 others.

Engaging your company in leadership development workshops is more than a just a rebrand of the external impression of your business. When your team is well prepared and know what’s expected of them, the workplace mindset shifts and it becomes a place of safety. And when people are comfortable, they are more receptive and willing to create connections with their co-workers.

As heard by Edward Hess “Companies that learn fastest and adapt well to changing environments perform the best over time.”

Does Your Team Need Leadership Development Workshops?

Think about what your organization looks like now, and what kind of company culture dictates the communication style used at work. How strong is your company culture? Is it positive or negative? How has your talent retention been during the pandemic? Do you have new staff that would benefit from further developing their skills?

Meeting with bosses one on one to receive feedback and criticism is oftentimes an anxiety inducing confrontation for employees, and a task on leaders’ checklist that may not achieve strong desired results. Ask yourself if these performance reviews are benefiting your team members, and if not, consider the additional benefits of employee development programs:

  • Keeps your business in pace with the industry
  • Reinforces connection between leaders
  • Maximizes alignment with company culture
  • Increases employee job satisfaction
  • Increases skill sets allow for a higher capacity to adapt to new methods
  • Improves long term career mobility
  • Gives a competitive edge and attracts top talent
  • Reduces turnover and increases retention

What’s Stopping You?

Executives and managers who have completed leadership development workshops are aware of the difference that it makes for a company and its culture when employees learn to grow closer together. This requires them to lead with agility and empathy, while keeping in mind what will be best for the present and the future. You might have many questions – how do I know where to start? What will the cost be? What methods of development will be used?

As employee development is personalized based on the resources and goals an organization has, the workshops vary case to case. Give your team the best chance of success and see the results you’ve been waiting for. Working with others and showing compassion for their abilities can be more impactful than you might think!

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