Are you an HR manager looking for better ways to coach your staff and leaders? If so, you need to teach them how to become visionary leaders. Visionary leadership development can be a key factor in growing a company. In fact, visionary leadership is listed in the top eight traits of leading middle managers. Here are four ways to show your leaders how to become visionary leaders at work, along with how we can help you.

What is a Visionary Leader?

First, it helps to define what we mean by a visionary leader. Put simply, this is someone who’s able to see the “bigger picture” of something. These organized leaders have a way of getting the attention of others who listen to them. They are charismatic leaders who have a vision and who see the path that they will soon be taking and what it takes to get there. What’s more, they know how to motivate others to make their vision a reality.

1. Define Your Vision and Understand Your Industry

The first step is to have a clear definition of your vision as well as how it’s linked to your company’s future. This may entail identifying new goals and what it takes to achieve them. Write down your vision as this can be helpful in clarifying thoughts. Writing down your vision also makes it easier when sharing it with other people.

Also, part of gaining a clear understanding of your industry is knowing where it is currently, besides where it’s going. As a visionary leader, you need to be constantly aware of what’s going on in your industry. This means collecting helpful, updated data that can be useful in making the right decisions in developing a business vision.

2. Tap Into the Wisdom of Your staff Using Robust Dialogue

When you share your vision with your staff, your vision is most likely to improve. This is a strategy known as “robust dialogue”. You may have an exceptional idea, but it should be fine-tuned by letting your team share their input. Robust dialogue improves your idea, while making your team feel like they’re part of the vision. Simply ask them what they think about your idea, and don’t forget to listen attentively to their responses.

3. Step Into the Mind of the Outsider

Don’t assume that just because “we’ve always done it this way”, it’s still the best way to do something. Most visionary leaders value the view of an outsider as a primary way for questioning problems that may have been overlooked by insiders. Often, visionary leaders apply this tool when developing improved strategies.

4. Cultivate Interpersonal Relationships

Visionary leaders realize that it’s their professional acquaintances, colleagues and friends who all play a vital role in making them visionaries. Since it’s impossible to know everything, it’s important that you get more knowledge by developing interpersonal relationships. For example, take time to meet up with your staff for lunch or do an activity together after work. However, just be sure you don’t develop friendships for the sole purpose of a future benefit for yourself. Thus, be genuine in your relationships and willing to give of yourself.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Consider that your vision doesn’t necessarily have to be an original one. In other words, your vision doesn’t have to be novel. In fact, many ideas are copied from other businesses that have been successful.
  • Test your vision. This involves checking with other trusted business professionals and asking them if anything could “go south” with your vision. It’s possible you may have missed something that someone else can see.
  • Be willing to adjust your goals when needed. Consider that you may hit a few roadblocks that will require new strategies for solving them, so you need to be flexible.
  • Don’t force you vision on others. If you use the “hammer approach” on your team, you may get some compliance,  but this isn’t the best way to get people onboard who’ll be enthusiastic about your idea. That’s why you need to communicate your vision in a positive, attractive way.
  • Consider that one of the primary reasons for a failed business is a lack of vision.

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